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OTT's Auto Services

At Ott's, our goal is to keep your vehicles running in Tip-Top working order. A well-maintained vehicle is not only safer and more reliable, but it holds it's value and it increases the resale value. At Ott's, we keep your car healthy... but we don't fix anything that doesn't need fixing before it's time.

We FIX It!
Ott's Auto Specializes In:
* Mechanical Repairs
* Electrical Diagnostics & Repair
* Wheel Alignments
* Clutch Repairs
* Brake Repairs
* Engine Repairs & Replacement
* Oil Change & Lube
* Transmission Service
* Cooling System Flush
* Air Conditioning Checks & Service
* Safety Inspection
* Fault Code Retrieval
* Spark Plugs Replacement
* Fuel System Service
* Brakes Service
* Differential Service
* Tire Repair & Replacement
* Tire Rotation
* Engine Fluids, Belts & Hoses

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