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Auto Fog Sanitizing & Disinfecting

From Ott's Auto Maintenance, Service And Repair



The current global pandemic has made us all realize that sanitizing is one of the most effective ways to keep safe and limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus. But keeping our hands and face free from germs shouldn't be our only focus.

At OTT's Auto we sanitize the interiors of our courtesy vehicles before we lend them out, because safety is important to us.

NOW we're offering our everyday customers an effective solution for auto sanitization to help limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Perhaps you've given rides to friends, neighbours or strangers recently and want to make sure the interior of your vehicle is clear from potential risks of infection? Or perhaps you just want to sanitize your car so you have less to worry about. If so, we've got a Brand-NEW service available we think you'll be interested in.

Introducing the Auto Fog Sanitizing & Disinfecting Service. Our sanitizing service produces a Dry Fog, making it safe for fabrics, electronics ... and our customers too. We do a comprehensive Spray Fog of your entire interior killing up to 99.9% of worrisome germs including the Covid-19 Virus on contact.

It's one more peace-of-mind-keep-you-safe-service from your friends at Ott's Auto.

Give us a call, or drop by to learn more.

(Masks and Social distancing protocols and are in effect.)

Hear Our Auto Interior Sanitize & Disinfecting Fog Radio Commercial

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